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Meet, Greet, Score at Space Coast  

Slugger Draft Rules 


* 4GG 
       2 Pool play into double elimination 
*Time Limit
        Pool play will be 65 minutes drop dead.  
        Bracket play will be 65 minutes and no time limit for the                      Championship

Game Rules

*1-1 count w/ a courtesy foul

 *Homeruns will be the dice total thrown by each plate representative

*Coin flip for home team except in the ship the undefeated will be home and if game will push a flip for home​ . 

    Home team is official book and will be provided 

* Flip -Flop is in effect


* Roster Batting must be used and the girls must in the top 7 of the line up. 

* When a male batter receives a walk, he will be awarded first and second base if the next batter is a female. The  female batter having the option to walk or bat


*Only one female can sit out in an inning and no player can sit out more than twice during the game.  

* Courtesy Runner 1 per inning per gender and must be the same gender. 

* Run rule - 20 after 3, 15 after 4, 10 after 5


* All of the rules will follow USSSA playing rules.  


* Bats - 240 USSSA stamped bats only 

 *Balls - Classic M, Pro M, and Classic W  - 5 balls will be provided (3 mens, 2 womens) After that you must purchase the balls. 


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